At Feijen SP, we make what you imagine. Would you like to mill components for a complex project, or a simple panel? We hope you’ll understand, that each product has its own creation process. You could imagine that the creation process of milling a simple panel differs from the milling of an entire project. At your wish, both options are possible. Below you will read in which way we can support you in the different stages of the creation process.


We can bring your ideas to live. Don’t you have a concrete drawing or design yet? No problem! Our technical draughtsmen is more than happy to help you with developping your idea or design into a concrete 3D drawing. Whether it concerns an entire serie or a just a single panel, for both options, we can be at your service.


If there is a concrete design or idea we will make the technical translation. Our technical draftsmen will draw your design or idea in an 3D draft, so that you get a realistic picture of the (end) product. During the drawing process you will receive a 3D video of the drawing, to make sure that we really make what you imagined.


Finally, the technical drawings will we translated into a concrete (end) product. This will be realized by our advanced CNC milling machines and skilled people in the workshop. Because we consist of our own paintshop, we are able to give your end product the ‘finishing touch’ you’re looking for.

During the realization, we make optimal use of the material, the advantage: little waste, price-friendly and considerably shorter delivery times. We guarantee a constant high level of quality, by using up-to-date software. Besides that, if you would like a repeat order, we can assure you of an exact copy.

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