The Permute cabinet is our versatile, modern and gripless cupboard system and has recently been added to our product range. What so special is about this cabinet is that you can compose the cabinet yourself according to your wishes. The high model Permute (800 x 400 x 1950 mm) can be combined with the low model Permute (800 x 400 x 1000 mm). The high models and low models can also be combined with each other. The cabinets can be combined as desired by means of the coupling piece. In addition to the choice of the different models and the cabinets that can be combined, you can also choose from 19 different decor fronts. The choice of fronts varies from matt and high-gloss colors to various wood structures. The Permute is ideal for your showroom or interior design store. If you are interested and would you like to include the Permute in your range, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • The Permute is a cupboard of this time: modern, without handles and of high quality.
  • Infinite combinations due to:
    • Combining the low and the high Permute.
    • The choice of 19 different decor fronts.
    • The coupling piece; so that the different cabinets can be linked together.
  • The Permute has a sleek modern design; the Permute stands on sleek black legs.
  • The cupboard doors are closing slowly and gradually; they are soft-close.
  • The Permute is also very durable; it is very easy to create a completely new cabinet by adding a new decor front or by adding an extra Permute cabinet.