Perhaps one of the most important stages in the process of presentation; the finishing. After all, one of the first things you will notice is the appearance of the (end) product. Our professional painter engaged in spraying the most impressive milled and manufactured elements. Our painter is very critical, it must be perfect before it leaves the deparment. Understandably, because it will end up in the spotlight.


In the paint shop, the preparation is essential. We want to avoid the smallest irregularaties because that can be disastrous. This means that our painter is watchful throughout the whole process. Glossy or matte, our painter works always with attention and care. The possibilities in our paint shop are almost limitlesss, an extra layer for protection, or the painting of a special structure to make that special effect you’re looking for. The choice is yours, from white to pink and from scratch resistant to chic high gloss.


Quality, efficiency and flexibility are core values in our business operations. In our paint department, they take these values and add a little something more. A single counter or a whole series of displays, they do this without thinking twice. With dedication, various parts are easily and quickly coated with a lacquer. Keeping a close eye on the deadline is a recurring item, but at Feijen PS we are particularly keen on this. Curious? Put it to the test.

Omdat wij onze producten perfect willen afwerken, beschikking wij bij Feijen SP over een eigen spuiterij.