Our self-produced Bridge Table has already proven itself, that we had developed a effective product became clear fairly quick. We were pleasantly surprised by the rapid success, a success in which multifunctionality and dismantlability were our greatest concerns. The distinctive feature of the Bridge Table is its appearance, which gives every room that little bit extra.

We already praised all of its versatility: a table but also a desk, which is not only a welcome feature at fairs, but can be used for an event as well as a conference.


The Bridge Table is available in various lengths and heights, all in 600 mm wide and has three standard shapes in terms of finish:

  • Practical HPL standard white.
  • Chic HPL high-gloss white.
  • Trendy HPL concrete look gray.


The Brigde Table has many advantages, below we will go over everything once more:

  • Quick and easy assembly / disassembly.
  • Solid system with dual lock.
  • Lightweight, starting at 30kg.
  • Scratch and impact-resistant finish, using 2 mm ABS edging.

In addition, we offer the possibility to exchange both legs and table tops. A different design, built-in LED lighting, drawers or doors are also possible. We like to bring them up, because of the many creative options hardly anything limits the ability to put together your Bridge Table according to your wishes.

Transport has been thought-out, protected in handy crates, so that carefree fairs are assured for years. Interested? Contact us, we will discuss the many options.

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