Ready-to-go products

Feijen SP develops and produces a wide range of products that immediately are ready to be used in trade fairs and/ or events including:

  • table
  • Bridge table
  • Advan Wand
  • Systeemvloer
  • Exhibitions walls of Feijen SP
  • tafel

prefabricated floors

Prefabricated floors, the perfect basis made for intensive use, convenience per square meter. A raised floor that can easily be applied, without screws, saws or other tools, always fitting and flat. No loose parts, only a levelling foot is needed, solid core of p.u.r. foam encased in a solid wooden frame that guarantees years of floor pleasure. Practically at height, so that pipes can find their way effortlessly.

Finish floors

Covering floors form the perfect combination with our system underlays. Laying these 100 x 100 cm plates is peanuts, swiftly layed, no tools are needed, standard in spotless white. Also available in all regular melanin colors on request. Time saving, no maintenance features that are standardly included, in addition to its reusability and favourable pricing are the reason for its success.

Lucky floor

The Lucky Floor is the when it comes to thinking of every single detail. Laying these 100x100 or 500x500 cm plates is very quick and easy, 40m2 of plates can be laid in half an hour. The plates can easily be attached to each other with the help of the ingenious coupling piece. The Lucky Floor is available in two birch versions, in a dark brown anti-slip or in a natural look. In addition, the Lucky Floor is also available in two different heights of 40 mm and 70 mm, because of this power or data cables and pipes can easily find their way under the Lucky Floor. The special thing about the Lucky Floor is the floors huge bearing capacity, a car, bus or a heavy-duty aerial platform would be able to drive over it easily.


Walls, indispensable in stand construction, you cannot do without them. We always produce 100% square and flat walls, no annoying tack holes. Consistent in quality because we know how important that is. Standard in 2750 x 1000 mm but a length of 3000 mm is also supplied without welds and almost no delivery time. We produce deviating sizes up to 6000 mm traditionally, accurately and with just as much attention.


The modular stand construction system, is a system that clearly distinguishes itself from the rest by its sleek elegant look and its efficiency. The ease of use and its low construction time explain its appreciation. A perfect presentation is achieved in no time without requiring tools or experience.


The Bridge Table is demountable, practical and super-fast to assemble, but can also serve as a desk because of its sturdy appearance. Available in various lengths and heights, optionally with 3 wear-resistant finishes. The Claire Table is based on the same principle, with ingenious connectors the top and legs are easily coupled. With the possibility to combine endlessly in height and table top size. Solid and maintenance-free tables for every occasion.

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