Prefabricated floors

Prefabricated floors: the beginning

A recurring component for every exhibition: the prefabricated floors developed by Feijen SP.

In our product range for years, widely appreciated and truly magnificent. Not only because they can easily be laid without tools, but also because of practical matters such as electrical cables, supply and drainage pipes that find their way invisibly through the free space of 55 mm. Always flat and dimensionally stable, suitable for any kind of finish whether you choose carpet, laminate or a sleek finish from our own flooring program.

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Sturdy lightweight

Despite its low weight and handy size of 1000 x 1000 mm, it can easily withstand 800 kilos per square meter. The core of PU foam with a solid wood border guarantees a long durability, with a small investment that is easily earned back after only a few fairs.


Feijen SP prefabricated floors; a floor plate. A levelling foot is not necessary. In addition, we offer the possibility to expand the system:

• Plates with cutouts for pipes.
• Ramps for the disabled.
• Plates in a custom format.

The format makes it so that 40 m2 of floor is not higher than 2 meters and can therefore be transported easily by pallet. Perhaps unnecessary to remark: we have this amazing system floor in stock!

Technical specifications prefabricated floors (pdf-format).

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