The furniture manufacturing at Feijen SP is specialized in preparing the most diverse components for the interior design industry. Beause we combine the CNC milling with our furniture manufacturing, we can realize the most complex and detailed furniture.

Curved, complex or just a simple element are accurately manufactured by our craftsmen with eye for detail and assisted where necessary by our CNC milling machines. This method guarantees 100% accurate tailor-made customization. Because we combine the CNC milling with the expertise of our craftsmen we can go the extra mile. Our motto: ‘we make what you imagine’ is a proven succesful way of collaboration. With this approach we can be a partner and a valuable addition to your company, that is a reassuring thought with the expertise of Feijen SP.


If you like, you can entrust the entire project to us. Call it extra complete, under your supervision we carry out the entire job to a good end, don’t worry, we have fixed prices and everything will be ready on time.

From preparation to ready for use, during the 3D drawing process you can watch along on your computer as our CNC milling machine effortlessly shapes the design you provided, with time savings as the most important factor. Each part is assembled accurately and with care for the final ‘finishing touch’.

Whether is concerns a reception desk, a series of displays or a stylish reception. But with just as much pleasure produces Feijen SP an inspiring shop interior.

The finish is entirely up to your wishes, in HPL or taken care of by our men in our own paint shop who manage to turn every piece into a beautiful end product. We are convinced of the attractiveness of this approach and would like to share this with you.

Interested? Let’s discuss the possibilities, they will pleasantly surprise you.

Feijen SP gemaakte balie - Interieurbouw