Sometimes there is little set-up time, then speed and efficiency are required, nothing unusual in the stand construction. A decisive approach will then determine the success of your mission. Feijen SP is prepared for this. Because of our tube developed in-house, there is now a way to realize a presentation quickly and efficiently.


The tube is not only very solid, but the construction of shanks connected to spruce slats and covered with plywood also makes it extremely light in weight.

With a size of 30 x 30 cm and a length of 10 meters, it hardly bends, even with a load of 400 kilos. Sincerely a strong lightweight.

The same principle can of course also be applied in other formats for both coves and columns. The FSP Tube it is not only easy to use, but also quick to build. In addition, due to its solid design, it can be used without any restrictions. Sustainability and efficiency are combined in the FSP Tube.

The finish is up to you, it’s easy to make latex yourself, but we are happy to make a proposal in HPL or if it needs a special look, it’s a job for our men in the paint shop.

For detailed product information, watch our demonstration video. Let us inspire you when designing your next stand, create a striking presentation that sets you apart. We are happy to help.