Finish floors

Finish floors: How fast do we lay a floor?

Deadlines play a crucial role in stand construction, you never have time to spare. Why waste time with things that also don't deliver the desired result.

Our floor covering is the answer to this problem. No need to saw or clean up waste, always a sleek and flawless floor and in combination with the ‘Feijen SP prefabricated floors’ an unbeatable duo. Products and / or services stand out even better on this floor. Swiftly laid, moreover with a top layer that requires hardly any maintenance.

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Laying our covering floor is very easy, with a tile size of 1000 x 1000 mm, every stand is provided with the ideal floor in no time. No screws, tape or other aids, laid swiftly and standard in spotless white.  If desired, a different colour top layer can be chosen from the existing supply range of our regular plate supplier on request.


Easy maintenance is characteristic for our floors, the wear-resistant finish is insensitive to scratches or filth, even after countless footsteps. The floor has been developed in such a sustainable way that it quickly pays itself back through re-use.


Stackable; logistical advantage, tile 1000 x 1000 mm. Convenience per square meter. 50 m2 effortlessly on a pallet. This covering floor can be delivered unprecedentedly fast!

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