The complexicty of a design requires more than craftsmanship, our modern CNC-milling machines equipped with the latest software are the answer.

The possibilities are virtually endless, creativity knows no limit. Designers can indulge themselves, your ideas are translated to the millimetre into a fantastic, beautiful end product.
Parts that leave the machine flawlessly, always exactly the same in unit or series, for the production of a counter, a exhibition or a stand construction element. But perhaps the most important feature: saving time. We know all to well how important that is!

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Perpendicular & curved

Panels with square cut-outs, dimensionally stable and always 100% right-angled. How many do you want? Effortlessly transformed into a ready-made element in stylized round shapes, an absolute piece of cake for our CNC-milling machine. Letters from sheet material: wood, aluminium or plastic, large, thick or thin: get inspired. But also cool logos, panels with an abstract relief, these can give that little something extra to your presentation. Distinguishing yourself with a product or service is more important than
ever nowadays, present your plans to us, and we will ensure the perfect translation. We are happy to accept that challenge.


Our mentality going into all of our activities is: ‘We build your ideas’, we do this with a lot of dedication and care for your personal wishes, because that’s where it all starts.

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