CNC Milling & Customized products

CNC milling & Customized products

Feijen SP is the place to be for CNC services and custom products. We can technically translate a design or idea to a feasible (end) product. Our technical draftsman is more than happy to further draw your design or idea to a concrete 3D product. Do you already have a technical drawing yourself? Then we ensure that the drawing is checked and correctly entered into the CNC computer. Our milling machines will do the rest...

WHY CNC milling?

The CNC milling is very accurate and detailed, the milled parts will flawlessly leave the machine. It is possible to mill per unit or to mill in series. Besides the high quality and the detailed production, the most important advantage of CNC milling is time saving. At Feijen SP, we all know how important that is!

Because we deliver custom work, the possibilities are unlimited and creativity has no limit; our CNC milling machines can seriously do anything. Designers can indulge themselves, because their ideas are accurately translated to the millimeter into a fantastically beautiful end product. The complexicty of a design requires more than craftsmanship, our modern CNC-milling machines equipped with the latest software are the answer on that.

What can we mill?

At Feijen SP we can process almost all types of wood-based panels. The advantage is that we can already mill screw, dowel and hinge holes in the right place for you.

Our panels with square recesses are always dimensionally stable and 100% square. Stylized round shapes are also effortlessly transformed into a ready-to-use element. We can also mill wood, aluminum, plastic and foam. For example cool logo's, letters from wood-based panels with an abstract relief. Such kind of things can add that little bit extra to your presentation. Distinguishing yourself with a product or service is now more important than ever, submit your custom plans to us, then we will provide the perfect translation. We are more than happy to accept that challenge.

Foam milling

In addition to wood, aluminium or plastic, we can also mill foam. The foam is price attractive compared to wood. Besides that, foam is very easy to mill due to the solid property of the material. Foam is an extremely suitable solution for the yacht industry, because of the fire-resistant function of foam.

"THe starting point of all our activities is: We make what you imagine"



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