Feijen SP is your ultimate destination for CNC services and bespoke products. We specialize in technically translating designs or concepts into tangible, high-quality end products. Our team of technical draftsmen is dedicated to transforming your vision into a concrete 3D product. Already have a technical drawing? We’ll meticulously review and accurately input it into our CNC computer system to ensure precise execution. From there, our state-of-the-art milling machines take over, bringing your designs to life with unparalleled precision and efficiency.


The precision and detail achieved through CNC milling at Feijen SP ensure flawless outcomes, with parts emerging from the machine impeccably crafted. Whether producing individual units or running series, our process prioritizes not only high quality and intricate production but also significant time savings—an invaluable asset in today’s fast-paced environment.

With custom work at the core of our operations, the creative possibilities are boundless, and our CNC milling capabilities are versatile. Designers are empowered to explore their imaginations fully, knowing that their concepts will be translated into stunning end products with precision down to the millimeter. Recognizing that complex designs demand more than traditional craftsmanship, our modern CNC milling machines, integrated with cutting-edge software, rise to the challenge, ensuring every intricate detail is realized to perfection.


At Feijen SP, we boast the capability to process nearly all types of wood-based panels, offering a significant advantage by precisely milling screw, dowel, and hinge holes to your specifications.

Our panels, featuring square recesses, consistently maintain dimensional stability and a perfect 100% square shape. Even stylized round shapes can be effortlessly transformed into functional elements. Beyond wood, we also excel in milling plastic and foam materials. For instance, we can craft eye-catching logos and letters from wood-based panels with intricate relief patterns, adding a unique touch to your presentation. In today’s competitive landscape, setting yourself apart with distinctive products or services is crucial. Entrust us with your custom plans, and we’ll skillfully bring them to fruition. We eagerly welcome the challenge, ensuring your vision is impeccably realized.


In addition to wood and plastic, we specialize in milling foam at Feijen SP. Foam offers a cost-effective alternative to wood and is exceptionally easy to mill due to its solid properties. Moreover, foam serves as an ideal solution for the yacht industry due to its inherent fire-resistant properties.

“The cornerstone of all our endeavors is: We bring your imagination to life.”