When Hans Feijen stated in 1994 to establish himself independently, he could not have imagined that the development of his company has been so succesfull.
With experience gained at a number of renowned stand construction companies and the availability of a modest workplace, he thought the time was right to start his own business.

A period of hard work and tackling problems, after all, nobody was going to help him. The first assignments were realized with this mindset. It started simply with the production of walls, but ultimately developed into complete parts. Nothing too much, just checking everything thoroughly and the customers were treated with just that little bit of extra attention, an approach that works and can still be found in the DNA of Feijen SP.

Not much later the first employee was recruited and a CNC milling machine was introduced. That offered even more perspective and possibilities. Assignments not only presented themselves more frequently but the size of the projects also increased steadily.


Because of this, it was decided to move into a larger building 200 meters away in 1996, in the meantime the second CNC milling machine had been purchased and the number of employees expanded to 6 people. In addition to serving the stand and interior building customers, more and more clients have also started to discover the specialty of Feijen SP. Namely, parts that went beyond the standard: round shapes and curved elements were on the rise.


The current site has been involved for 8 years, with a broader scope, 4 fully automatic CNC milling machines, edge banding machine, plate press and fully equipped workshop, assembly department and its own paint shop. With an enthusiastic team of now 25 employees who enjoy working on a wide variety of projects every day. With a sophisticated program of products developed in-house, including floors, walls but also knock-down tables as well as a unique modular stand construction system, we are successfully responding to market demands. We continue to invest in people and technology, personal attention and care for our customers, with these core values we can confidently look forwards to a bright future. With the important starting point, “we make what you imagine”.

Yours Sincerely,
Hans Feijen