Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

FEIJEN SP specializes in producing a wide range of components for stand construction, showroom and the business interior market.

Personal approach, eye for detail and thorough craftsmanship characterize our way of working. Whether it is a reception desk, a series of displays or a stylish reception. But with equal pleasure, FEIJEN SP produces an inspiring store presentation.

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Advanced CNC-controlled milling machines effortlessly create most complex design, with precision that has virtually no limitations. Optimal use of the material, advantage: little waste, durable, price-friendly and considerably shorter delivery times. By using up-to-date software, we guarantee a constant level of quality, and you are assured of an exact copy for a repeated order.

More and more often we hear: "what you make looks even better in practice than in design". Always a nice compliment, but we prefer to continue our work.


Being well prepared is time saving and is crucial for stand construction. When we take care of the productions of parts or a special component in our modern set-up workshop, you are assured of ready-made elements that can easily be mounted on site. Efficiency that pays for itself and is probably faster than you would expect.

The finish is up to you, but if you wish, it would be our pleasure to arrange it in HPL or give it a special protective coating. Scratch resistant paintwork in any color, from mother-of-pearl to effect lacquer, in chic high-gloss or ultramat. The choice is yours.


FEIJEN SP develops a wide range of products that can be used immediately for trade shows or events, such as :

  • Handy & extremely strong, system floor tiles.
  • Decorative & maintenance-free, cover floors.
  • Indispensable, stand construction walls.
  • Distinctive, Advan-system walls.
  • Innovative, demountable tables.

In this year too we will, of course, continue to keep you up to date with the latest projects and like to keep you informed on the latest developments, news, exhibition participations, etc. This is easily done by clicking on: Sign up for the newsletter.

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